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Child Spotlight

Jotham Oiko

Can you remember being a toddler? You’re carefree and confidently exploring the world around you, while knowing your parents are keeping you safe, protected, and providing for your every need. You couldn’t imagine life without them — two invincible pillars whose hugs could cure any ailment and chase away any fear. But little Jotham didn’t have a choice.

When Jotham was two years old, his mother was admitted to a hospice facility where she passed away just one month later, leaving her three children completely alone. Without a father in their lives, Jotham and his siblings were taken to stay with their elderly grandmother.

With an insufficient income and primitive housing, Jotham’s grandmother struggled to care for the children all on her own. Every day became a battle to survive. After just two months in this environment, Jotham began to show signs of severe malnutrition and had to be taken to the hospital to receive treatment. It was there that Jotham’s life began to change for the better!

Both the hospital staff and the children’s grandmother knew that Jotham and his siblings were in desperate need of better care. This is where ELI came in. Through local connections and the grace of God, all three children were received into the Rotich family at our Kipkaren Children’s Home in 2017. They were immediately welcomed with open arms and got to experience a loving home, nutritious food, comfortable beds, education, healthcare, new brothers and sisters, and parents who absolutely adored them! Most importantly, they were introduced to the Word of God and how much Jesus loves them.

Today, Jotham and his siblings are continuing to thrive! Jotham, now 8 years old, is healthy, happy, and in second grade at Brook of Faith Academy. He loves playing outside with his siblings, learning about God in Sunday School, and being a part of a happy family! Although he faced many challenges that no child should have to endure, Jotham is well on his way to becoming a true World Changer. He is a child with big dreams, and now, he has been given the opportunity to make all of them a reality!

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